In the email to Lance on June 6, 2023, Sheriff Lindsey said, “this incident evolved from a graduation cancelation to a first amendment violation and now homosexuality”.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the student’s first amendment rights were violated, then his participation in the graduation was cancelled, then the graduation for the entire class was cancelled. All of that was due to the complaint regarding the student’s statement of fact. Boys are boys and girls are girls.

The Sheriff and HER wife are free to live in a fantasy world but they do not have a right to impose that fantasy on other people – especially students who are limited in their ability to respond.

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As usual, it’s all about the lefty, gay/lesbian/tranny or whatever, instead of the NORMAL person who’s being attacked and having their constitutional rights obliterated. These people play victim in every circumstance while they attack our way of life, our very freedoms and the constitution! I for one am beyond vomiting every time I hear their sob stories. These people should be removed from their authoritarian positions and charged in a true court of law.

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