Marx (Mordecai) was the son of a rabbi. Most expelled group in human history, and they are hoping to put whites and Christians in gulags, or Holodomor us. Evil Tribe.

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Sep 9, 2023Liked by Casey Whalen

Ide like to see documents on what happened to those who were arrested that day and why ? Who called them in and why ? For what reasons ? We all have a right to peaceful protest. Don't we? Where's the documents? Does anyone have them, or seen them ? Just curious ! As we are seeing injustice throughout our country on the daily we should have access to concrete answers. If we don't , then why? Should be public record.! How about interviewing them ? Is that possible at all ? I haven't followed up much on this much .Just throwing it out there !

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I can make the relevant records available. Ill make a link at the bottom of the article soon.

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These people just don't get it! or are they compromised? bought off,? Who knows? Oh' Hey everyone Nark on your neighbor report this or that , because we can't handle social environments that may have conflict or a disagreement with our narrative ? . This is sarcasm btw... "How about we AGREE to Disagree" how about that ! Too many yrs in county or important positions isn't good , we need new people in office ! That have critical thinking skills and aren't so brainwashed that they can't see right from wrong ! Our rights are just that .for EVERYONE not just a few select groups . So They call police because another group was doing an event same day as theirs? Isnt this a bit biased.? Seeeee they are complaining because they don't want any biased yet they are acting as if they are just this ? Wow! It seems they want to control their narrative and if anyone else doesn't like this .call the cops call the fbi ? ! .this is not a good way about going about this for anyone ! This is Drama for the newspaper as she said let's get exposure 🙄

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This is an informative Substack column rendered nearly useless by Mr. Whalen's publication -- without any rebuttal -- of a disgusting, Jew-hating comment by a commenter named “Anti Communist” who insinuates that an “evil tribe” of rabbis is seeking to “put whites and Christians in gulags.” Mr. Whalen exacerbated the harm by actually endorsing the remarks ("liking" them on Substack).

Reckless generalizations about evil rabbinic "tribes"allegedly plotting to harm whites, nullifies the evidence that Whalen's reporting >in this particular column< offered -- documenting the Left’s notion that the exercise of constitutional rights by conservative Catholics is a potential Federal crime that needs to be reported to law-enforcement.

The "evil tribe" comment fulfills the stereotype which the corporate media and "woke" activists persistently employ as a talking point in their propaganda, aimed at irresponsibly stigmatizing with guilt-by-association family values Christians and Constitutionalists.

Former Obama official Cass Sunstein has advocated the “cognitive infiltration" of the Internet by agents posing as conservatives who then spew racist, anti-Semitic and white supremacist invective in order to discredit and demonize the vast majority of conservatives and Bible believers who repudiate those beliefs.

Prof. David Ray Griffin exposed part of this deceptive operation in his important book: https://www.amazon.com/Cognitive-Infiltration-Appointees-Undermine-Conspiracy/dp/1566568218

Hitler, the diabolic Thule occultist, traitor to the cause of ending usury banking (on which he had campaigned), and tyrant-murderer, established a conspiracy theory in which an "evil tribe" was targeting Germans. Meanwhile, Hitler was putting anti-Communist and anti-occult Catholic evangelists like Rev. Fr. Maximilian Kolbe in concentration camps (Fr. Kolbe was killed by lethal injection in Auschwitz). Hitler's ideology lurks on the fringe of far-Right politics, just as the ideology of Lenin is too often present on the far Left.

Our movement is for Biblical values, for the honor and glory of Yahweh, hallowed be His name, and His divine Son Jesus Christ (before which every knee shall bow). In those names above all names, we work and are sanctified. "Salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22).

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Michael Hoffman

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