I am posting this link in hopes that it somehow spreads right now to stop the evil use of the pandemic meme to install a One World Death and Slavery System for all. Dr. Michael Yeadon has done a wonderful charitable act upon all of humanity. I thank God for him.


Episode 92: The Yeadon Files


Former Pfizer Scientist Speaks Out

August 31, 2023

Former Pfizer Vice President Mike Yeadon sits down with VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch for a wide-ranging discussion on Big Pharma, the Covid-19 vaccine, and the Corporate-State censorship regime.


Dr,. Yeadon spoke clearly about the international digital ID but I think I am the only one right now focusing on HOW this international digital ID is slyly being installed in the states of the USA.

I also want to caution USA citizens about the sly way the international digital I D has been forced on we the people. It has to do with the individual legislatures in the individual states adopting the national Real I D Act. Now these states will only issue EITHER an official state digital ID photo ID OR the digital photo STATE DRIVERS LICENSE. This will easily make these state ID cards to be taken as an international digital ID travel passport and vaccine pasport etc. AVOID renewing your driver's license if you have one of the old non-digital drivers license etc. By the way the legislators, federal and state, who forced this Real ID on we the people stupidly, so stop asking for donations, do not seem to realize that we the people, who always voted in elections, will no longer be allowed to vote without one of the two photo forms of digital international IDs forced on we the people. {I am in favor of photo IDs for voting but only under an individual state non-digital ID system.]

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I looked up where Texas fusion center is.

Found this...



Texas Fusion Center

The Real-Time Watch Center unit powers the Texas Fusion Center. The Watch is a 24/7 unit that works with federal, state, regional, and local law enforcement and serves as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting. It provides real-time intelligence support to law enforcement and public safety authorities, and consolidates information and data on suspicious activities and threats from all jurisdictions and disciplines as well as the public. During emergencies or periods of increased threat, the Watch may ramp up to receive and process additional information."


Most of the state legislatures in the USA adopted the federal "Real I D Act" for my state about 2017. And this trickled down to making mandatory to have an international "vaccine passport" - type official "state" identification card necessary to identify oneself in my state. You can go to the Drivers License bureau which is the Texas Department of Public Safety and the DPS will no longer issue your drivers license renewal by you showing your original document birth certificate. No, now the DPS tells you have to go across big town to some kind of "federal government vital statistics bureau. - something like that. Only that place has the big database that proves you were born and that you are a human with an ID number in their database. They put some kind of mark on my federal - international database record and I guess they give you some paper and then they send back across town to the DPS-drivers license office where they will issue your Texas drivers license with some special markings on it. I cut off the process after two fruitless trips to the DPS after being misled and tooled around and not being issued my drivers license. I could see that this Real ID One World Death and Slavery System for ALL ID card was the exact same thing that Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD warned us against getting. It is the same thing as a medical care passport card where the United Nations and the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum gang force you into their One World Death and Slavery system. You now can EITHER get this ID card as a drivers license OR as a regular "state" ID card. You must have one of those two new kinds of International kind of "passport" type of ID cards in order to be able to vote in any political election in the USA. So I opted out of this Real ID International Death and Slavery ID card and I can no longer vote.

So all of the political people running for office and trying to do right things in the U S and state legislatures and wanting my donations ought to just give it up because I can no longer vote for them or will no longer donate to help them to get on the ballot. But they only want my money anyway. They will only get on the ballot , or get any good action done in the legislatures (congress) if Klaus Schwab and company want them to get on the ballot, because Klaus is in charge on all of our "honest democratic" elections in the USA now.

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